Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Preplesson?

Preplesson is an online language learning platform which allows you to participate in interactive video chat lessons with teachers from all around the world. By using Preplesson, you can learn one of the 40+ languages from the comfort of your home: simply choose a professional teacher or a casual teacher (native speaker) and book a video chat lesson with them. It’s that easy!
Our teachers are available 24/7 across different time zones and are able to give you one of the best language educations available online.

What types of teachers are there in Preplesson?

There are two different types of teachers at Preplesson: professional teachers and casual teachers.

  1. Professional teachers are formally educated in teaching their chosen language. Choose them if you're looking for the most competent and professionally guided teaching experience.
  2. Casual teachers usually don't have a formal degree in their chosen language, but they provide good conversational language practice. They are usually native speakers and they usually offer their services at lower prices.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the lesson?

We encourage all our students to choose their preferred teachers based on the reviews on their teacher profiles. We want you to be completely happy with Preplesson and our teachers.
However, Preplesson can refund your money if the teacher acts in an inappropriate way, or refuses to give the lesson at all. In this case, we will review the recording of the lesson and make our decision. We will let you know what we have decided as soon as possible. 
If you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the teaching lesson, please write about your experience in the teacher’s reviews. Our teachers know that reviews are very important and they will strive to get good reviews. 

What happens if I miss my lesson?

If you know you are going to be late or not attend the lesson at all, please let your teacher know in advance. You can reschedule another lesson with your teacher if he/she agrees. Sometimes teachers do not agree because they have already spent their time waiting for you.

IF your teacher doesn't agree with rescheduling, your lesson fee will be transferred to your teacher.

What are professional teachers and casual teachers?

There are two different types of teachers at Preplesson. Professional teachers are educated in teaching their chosen language and they will provide a competent teaching experience. 

Also, you can find casual teachers who can provide good conversational language practice. These are usually native speakers and they usually offer their services at lower prices. 

Can I learn certain dialects?

There is no option to choose dialects, however, you can view the location of teachers via their information page. This way, for example, if you'd like to learn Brazilian Portuguese, you can search for Portuguese teachers based in Brazil. 

What can I learn from Preplesson teachers?

Professional teachers teach a wide range of lessons for different purposes, such as: 

  • business language
  • conversation
  • pronunciation
  • exam preparation
  • accent reduction
  • job interview preparation, etc.

Before you purchase a lesson, on a teacher's profile you will be able to view which type of lessons the teacher is offering.

Can I use Preplesson to improve my writing language skills?

Yes, you can practice writing skills in the "Wall" section. You can write about anything and our teachers will correct your grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. 

Can I book trial lessons?

Yes, many of our teachers offer trial lessons. 

Trial lessons are 30 minutes long and they are half the price of the lowest priced lesson of the teacher. Preplesson sometimes organizes campaigns for free trials, and every student may have 5 free trial lessons from 5 different teachers. Students can not have more than one trial lesson with one teacher. After a total of 5 free trial lessons, other trial lessons are not free but still half priced. 

What can I learn from Preplesson teachers?

Professional teachers teach a wide range of lessons, business, exam preparation, interview preparation, etc. When you are ordering a lesson, you will be able to view which type of lessons the teacher is offering. 

Can I cancel a lesson I reserved?

Yes, you can go to "Reservations I made" and click on your booked lesson, and click on "Cancel reservation". If you cancel your reservation 12 hours before the start of the lesson, you will get a full refund. If you cancel after that, you will get a 50% refund.

Can I purchase a well structured lesson? Can I see an example of the contents of one such lesson?

Yes, some of our teachers teach ready structured lessons, if you click on a teacher's profile who is teaching structured lessons, you can see details and syllabus of that lesson. 

How much do I pay for language lessons?

The list price you see on the teacher profile page is the price you pay. There are no other costs or hidden expenses. 

Skype is banned in my country, is there any other way to Preplesson?

We mainly use Skype, however in countries Skype is banned or has limited use, you can use Google Hangouts. You can make reservations on Preplesson, and instead of Skype just use Google Hangouts. You can use the Preplesson messaging system to exchange Google Hangouts id information with your teacher. 

If Google Hangouts is also banned in your country, you can use a VPN service. There are many you can use, we recommend:

I see the error message "You seem to be at a different timezone than your original timezone" What is that?

If you are using Preplesson in a different country than you are registered in, you will receive this error message. It is used to prevent confusions over timezones. 

This message may also appear if you are using a VPN service. In this case, you can either stop the VPN or if you rather use a VPN, you continue to see this message, it doesn't affect anything. Just make sure you know the right timezone for your lessons. 

Paying for lessons

How do I pay for a lesson?

 We accept the following credit cards as a way of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

You can transfer the desired amount from your credit card to your Preplesson account and then use the funds later to purchase lessons. Your purchased funds never expire: if you don’t spend all of your funds at once, you can use them later.
There are NO hidden expenses: the cost of the lesson is the only payment you make.

Can I get a discount on a lesson?

Yes, if you buy the so-called packages of lessons.

Lesson packages are groups of lessons you can purchase at a lower price from those teachers who decided to offer discounts. Teachers have the option to create packages of 5 or 10 lessons for which they can choose to offer discounts between 5% and 20%. However, not all teachers offer discounts, so make sure you ask the chosen teacher about the packages they offer.

Your purchased lesson packages are valid for one year from the day of purchase.  

Can I earn money by promoting Preplesson?

YES, students (as well as teachers) can earn money on Preplesson! Simply register for Preplesson, join our affiliation program, get an individual reference link, and share it with your friends, family, readers and followers.

Anytime someone clicks the reference link you shared on social media or your website/blog, visits and purchases a lesson, you will be awarded 5% of the value of the lesson. 

You receive the payment directly to your Preplesson account one hour after the lesson is finished. You can then claim those funds by requesting a payment to Skrill or your local bank account. You don’t even have to purchase any lessons to be a Preplesson affiliation program member, so all bloggers are welcome.

To get your individual reference link, do this:

  1. Register and log in to
  2. Click My Profile -> Affiliation Program in the main menu.
  3. You'll see your individual reference link there. It looks something like this: - 'xxx' is a unique number assigned to your account. Copy and paste this link in your social media updates, emails, and blog posts.

How much do I pay for language lessons?

The lesson list price you see on the teacher profile page is the price you pay. There are no other costs, no hidden expenses for students.

This is how lesson list prices look like on the teacher profile page - displayed in your local currency:

Why don't you search for available teachers now? On the "Find Teachers" page, you can use the search form to sort teachers by their hourly price.

In case you were wondering how Preplesson makes money: we charge teachers a modest 15% commission of their list price. This 15% includes all expenses, such as credit card processing fees, and costs of wiring money to teachers. Teachers keep 85% of the price you pay.

Can my spouse / sibling / roommate attend lessons too? Does that cost extra?

That is between you and your teacher. If your teacher accepts to teach more than one person at a time, that is fine by us. 

What happens if the teacher can't make it on time for a lesson?

If the teacher doesn’t show up for the lesson on time, you can report a problem when you receive the confirmation e- mail that we send after each lesson. You will get a full refund if the teacher fails to show up.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

If you’re sure you won’t be able to attend the lesson you reserved, you can cancel it for free 12 hours until the lesson, then you can make a new reservation with your teacher.

However, if you cancel your lesson with less than 12 hours to the start, we will charge you 50% of the value of the lesson and pay it to the teacher.

Alternatively you can contact your teacher and make a new booking with him/ her. This new booking doesn't have to be on Preplesson calendars, and when you finish that lesson, you can confirm the previous lesson so we can transfer the lesson fee to the teacher. You can do this either by clicking on the appropriate link on the email we send you after the lesson or clicking on reservations and your lesson detail. 

Is the payment system secure?

YES, paying for your Preplesson is secure, private, and easy. 
We use safe, industry-standard encryption. The payment information you provide is never stored on our servers.
On our website, notice the following elements which signal that our website is encrypted and secure:

  • the green padlock in the browser’s address bar
  • the https:// web address prefix



How do I contact support?

You can always use our online support at the right side of the website. You can also e- mail us at [email protected] or use the messaging system at the bottom of the website, contact us. 

My internet connection may be too slow, can I still use Preplesson?

We designed Preplesson to use live video while teaching. However, if your internet connection is too slow, you can turn off video and use sound only. This should be suitable for even the slowest speeds.

To increase video / audio quality, also do this:

  • Close any other programs to increase speed.
  • Close any other tabs and windows in your internet browser.
  • Disconnect any other devices (tablets, smartphones, other computers) which share your internet connection.

I forgot my password.

Please click on this link to reset your password. 

What browsers does Preplesson support?

We support all browsers, but recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

What if I move to another country in a different timezone?

Timezone information is especially important. If you move, please update your account information by clicking My Profile -> Account settings so that Preplesson can update your timezone.

What connection speed do I need?

Audio only:

Minimum : 30 kbps download, 30 kbps upload. 
Recommended : 100 kbps download, 100 kbps upload

Audio plus video: 

Minimum : 128 kbps download, 128 kbps upload. 
Recommended : 300 kbps download, 300 kbps upload

You can test your speed here:


How do I find the best teacher for my needs?

On the Find Teachers page, use the provided filters which help you find teachers according to:

  • which languages they teach
  • which languages they speak
  • whether they are professional or casual teachers.

You can also sort teachers by popularity and offered prices.

Also, when you select your favourite teachers, there's a search bar to find them by their name or surname.


Am I on the same time / timezone as my teacher?

It doesn't matter where you live: Preplesson automates timezones, so you always see a teacher's calendar in your own timezone.

What is the color blind option in the calendar for?

If you turn on the color blind mode, all colors of the calendar change to colors easily seen by color blinds.

Interesting fact: all male members of our team are color blinds so we thought we should implement this feature.


Color blinds of the world unite!!!

During the lesson

I made a reservation with a teacher. What now?

When you make a reservation, we will send you an e- mail confirming your lesson. Also e- mails will remind you of your lesson, 24 hours before the lesson, an hour before the lesson and at the time of the lesson. 

Only thing you have to do is to find your teacher on Skype and add him/her and have a Skype lesson. 

Do I have to set the order of the lessons or will the teacher do this for me?

Every teacher has a different style of teaching. We encourage students to book a trial lesson with teachers before booking more lessons. This way you can ask them about their program.

Some teachers also offer the so-called structured lessons which are tailored for specific needs. You can book these lessons for increased specialty. Read more about structured lessons.

How are lessons delivered?

All lessons are live, one one one with teachers. Preplesson uses Skype to have lessons. After you book your lesson with your teacher, add him/her on Skype and start the lesson when lesson time comes. 

How long are the lessons?

All lessons are one hour long. Preplesson allows for slightly longer lesson times because teachers and students maybe a little late sometimes. It is the teacher's duty to end the lesson in one hour. 

You have to be a member to send messages

InfoTeacher is not available on your chosen timeslot, please choose another timeslot.
InfoThe timeslot you chose is reserved.
Please try another timeslot.
InfoYou can not make a reservation on your calendar.
InfoYou chose a past date, you can try next week if this week is not suitable for you
InfoYour chosen teacher can not teach on the same day reservation is made.
Please select future dates.